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We’re the only company who knows exactly what removalist businesses need – we’ve done our research and worked closely with operators in the industry.

We have been in your shoes

Fleet 365 was started by two people who operated a removalist company in Australia for 6 years. We discovered that the offerings for all in one removalist company software solutions were poor and wanted to create something that solves these problems. Fleet 365 aims to connect clients, removalist companies and field staff and bring everyone together for an integrated experience.

Designed with you in mind

Fleet 365 is designed for small to medium furniture removalists companies. Whether you’re running 1 or 2 trucks or 20 – 50 trucks, out platform will help you organise and manage your business. We’re also always expanding and improving our platform with your feedback and we’re always striving for a better product to make you and your customers lives easier.

We share the profit with you

Our platform is free to use. Yes – you heard right, it’s totally free. We derive our income from revenue sharing by getting commission from utility companies, which we share with you. Not only do you get the platform for free – but you can make money on top of that too!

We want to make the little world of furniture removals a better place for you

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